1. Accessible housing for wheelchair users enables them to participate in community, for work, education and recreation. The independence they gain is empowering for their quality of life, goals and overall wellbeing. Be a part of making dreams come true.
  2. Does your organization serve the wheelchair user community in British Columbia? You can become more involved by contacting the Right Fit Project to help your members have more access to accessible housing. Include us on your website or request a mail out for you to send to your members.
  3. Are you a Co-op who has accessible units and you would like them to go to wheelchair users; people for whom those units were intended? Call the Right Fit Project to register as a housing provider and our Accessibility Checklist Coordinator will work with you to complete an accessibility checklist. You can promote the Right Fit Project on your website.
  4. Any community organization in British Columbia with membership can contact the Right Fit Project to discuss how we can assist your members. We have successfully found accessible housing for people and families new to Canada. We can support people new to Canada using an interpreter.
  5. If you are Injury Rehab Clinic or a Physiotherapy Clinic and support clients in wheelchairs, you can feel free to reach out to us to see how we can assist your clients.
  6. Advocacy Groups