Share Your Story

The Right Fit seeks to improve access to accessible housing for people with disabilities. We identify barriers from the ground up and we try to change policies, procedures, and protocols so that people who need accessible housing can access these homes and obtain the medical equipment, assistive technology and personal supports that are so critical in any path to accessible housing. We also highlight best practices in accessible housing and success stories.

You can help us achieve our goals by getting in touch with us.

Are you a wheelchair user living in a non accessible unit, struggling with the daily challenges of navigating a home that is not adapted to your needs?

Are you a housing provider who has improved a unit to make it more accessible for a wheelchair user?

Have you moved to an accessible home? What difference does it make in your life?

Do you have thoughts to share about improving accessible housing in British Columbia?

Are you a health professional or a home care provider working with wheelchair users?

Please contact Isabelle Groc, Right Fit Coordinator to share your story. Your story could be featured on our website, and feedback and lived experiences are very useful to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.