Home Adaption Resource links and information

  • Home Adaptions for Independence (HAFI)


  • As a homeowner, you may be eligible for Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) assistance if you or someone in your household has diminished physical abilities and you meet all the application requirements.
  • Affordable Independent contractor for accessibility renovations


  • Spinal Cord Injury has a list of Contractors and Suppliers Resources. Scroll down and click “Contractors and Suppliers” in the menu.
  • Accessible Home & Property Services Ltd.


  • This company provides a wide range of options for accessible renovations, adaptions and repair. From Walk-In tubs to Door Widening, and Wheelchair ramps, Accessible Home & Property Services Ltd provides serviced for many needs.
  • Stanley Access Technologies

https://www.stanleyaccess.com/ or (604)270-4345

  • This organization provides a wide range of automatic opening doors

Funding opportunities

  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
    • The CMHC is helping to advance the Nation’s Housing Strategy by providing Canadians access to new and preserved affordable housing units.  Meeting the needs of Canadians with accessibility requirements is a fundamental outcome of the Strategy.  Additionally, CMHC has embed that philosophy into their programs.

There are key funding initiatives which support new construction and preservation of affordable housing (rental) units.  A few are noted below along with links to their respective websites (for more information).

  • CMHC Seed Funding supports affordable housing projects during the soft cost (opportunity for interest free loans and non-repayable contributions) stage of new construction and preservation projects.  The program has the desire for inclusion with the outlook to add accessibility to projects.


  • The National Housing Co-Investment Fund supports the development, new construction and preservation of affordable housing units with an opportunity to secure low cost financing and possibilities of non-repayable contributions.  The program has the distinct targets for inclusion with the outlook to add accessibility to projects.


  • The Rental Construction Financing initiative supports the development of new affordable rental housing (standard apartment) with low cost financing.  The program has the distinct targets for inclusion with the outlook to add accessibility to projects.


These programs work with all proponents: non-profits, public and private developers, and other levels of government.   Affordability, Accessibility and Environmental performance are all fundamental to meeting the targets of the Strategy and our hope is to reach and support all stakeholders who seek to participate and can meet the mandates.