Privacy Policy

Disability Alliance BC (DABC) values and upholds your right to privacy and the protection of your personal information. When we gather personal information, DABC is committed to ensuring compliance with PIPA, British Columbia’s “Personal Information Protection Act.”

DABC’s Privacy Policy outlines our policies around personal information,

    1. Who we gather it from
    2. What information we gather and how
    3. What it is used for
    4. How it is kept safe and managed
    5. Online privacy
  1. Who we gather information from

The people DABC collects and maintains information on includes but is not limited to the following:

  • People we serve (clients)
  • Employees and contract workers
  • Volunteers
  • Members
  • Publication subscribers
  • Donors
  • Board of Directors
  • Campaign Endorsees
  • Workshop and conference participants
  1. What information we gather and how

Definition of “Personal Information”

“Personal Information” is recorded information about a person. It can include many types of information; some examples are given below. DABC only collects and maintains personal information that is required for the particular purpose. For example, a person’s disability would be required for assistance to apply for disability benefits, but would not be required if the person is a donor.

  • Contact information, including name, home address and home phone number
  • Nationality, spoken languages, citizenship, race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs
  • Age, sex, marital status or family status
  • Legal identification or identifying numbers, including birth certificate, BC Identification Card, Social Insurance Number, Personal Health Number, etc.
  • Information about a person’s disability, health care history or medication
  • Educational, financial, criminal and employment and volunteer history
  • Individual habits, likes and dislikes, the names of friends and family and information about people with whom any individual client may have relationships with, including caregivers
  • Legal documents, including custody orders, restraining orders, representation agreements and powers of attorney

Before DABC gathers personal information, the person must give their consent, either in writing, by phone or by email.

DABC informs people what information is being collected, how it will be collected and for what purpose. Consent is requested for the collection, maintenance or sharing of material.

The public can visit our website without registering or providing any personal information. If a visitor requests news or information through the website, we keep the information provided to fulfil requests. We provide links to other organizations for information and convenience. We make no claims regarding the privacy policies of these other organizations.

DABC also does its best to ensure that all information gathered is accurate.

  1. What it is used for

DABC collects information from different groups for different reasons. Here is a summary of our main groups and how their information is used.

Personal information will not be shared with any third party, unless written approval from the person is given or unless required by law.


Demographic, donation and other personal information is collected about clients, their families and related third parties. This information includes addresses, phone numbers, and information about the client’s disability. This information is gathered and used only after informed consent from the client is obtained. We collect this information so that we can serve the needs of our clients. Paper files are stored in locked cabinets and electronic records are in a secure database.

Employees and contract workers

Address, contact information, age, sex, birthday, and SIN numbers for DABC employees and contract workers are collected for the purpose of remuneration and benefits administration. These records, along with personnel files that contain human resources information, are kept in a very secure manner. Access is restricted to appropriate staff members.


Contact information including addresses and birthdays are collected for the purpose of financial reimbursement. These records, along with any human resources information, are kept in locked filing cabinets or in secure electronic files. Access is restricted to appropriate staff members.


Demographic information including name, address, donation history and membership payment details are collected and updated for our members so that DABC can manage its membership information effectively. DABC has two kinds of members, voting and non-voting. To be a voting member, the individual must have a disability. We therefore record whether or not a member has a disability. We maintain a mailing list of our members to keep them informed on issues of interest to the community.

Publication subscribers

Demographic information and subscriptions payments, where needed, are collected and maintained for delivery of publications.


Donation information, including address and contact information, is collected from donors so that DABC can issue tax receipts. We also use this information to keep donors updated on special events and the fundraising needs of the organization. These records are kept in a very secure manner and access is restricted to appropriate staff members. DABC does not share donor information with other parties.

Board of Directors

As part of the nomination process to the Board, contact and biographical information is submitted by each prospective Board member. DABC provides this information to its membership once these individuals have been elected to the Board and maintains it over the duration of their tenure. DABC also posts a summary of their biographical information on our website subject to board members’ permission. As DABC is a charity, contact information including addresses and birthdays of all Directors must be passed on to the Canada Revenue Agency with our charitable tax return.

Campaign endorsees

From time to time, DABC will organize a campaign around a particular issue. Individuals or organizations that support these campaigns are asked for contact information to verify our support lists and/or to provide updates on the campaign.

Workshop and conference participants

Personal and/or organizational information is gathered from those who attend DABC workshops and conferences. This information is used for event coordination, related materials and any follow-up information requested by participants.

  1. How it is kept safe and managed

DABC protects the privacy of personal information that is collected by:

  1. Administrative procedures (for example, staff training; privacy policies)
  2. Physical safeguards (for example, locked cabinets)
  3. Technical security services and mechanisms (for example, password protected databases)

It is our overall policy that personal information is kept in a secure manner and access is restricted to appropriate staff members and authorized third party contractors.

Once the legally mandated time period is met, paper files are shredded. Any person may also ask us to destroy their personal information, with reasonable notice and within applicable laws.

Anyone whose personal information is kept by DABC has the right to review their personal information stored by DABC. Requests will be answered within 30 days.

Any complaints about the handling of personal information will be investigated by our privacy officer.

  1. Online privacy

DABC is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use our website. DABC does not systematically collect any information about the identity of individuals searching our site.

DABC’s website uses Google Analytics to track usage of our website for reporting and evaluation purposes. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to report on user interactions on Google Analytics customers’ websites. These cookies are used to store non-personally identifiable information. Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains. For further information on the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics, please see

Your privacy is important to us. We welcome your comments and questions regarding our policy or how it is carried out. Our Privacy Officer is accountable to the groups mentioned for the way DABC collects, maintains and discloses private information. Please contact:

1)   Privacy Officer: Justina Loh 604-875-0188

2)   Alternate: Chloe Krause 604-875-0188