The story of our new logo

As the Right Fit transitioned in 2020 from Pilot Project to Program, our team felt it was time to create a new logo that would allow everyone to immediately recognize the Right Fit and easily identify what we do. Our team has put a lot of thinking into defining how to present ourselves to the world. A logo tells a multi-dimensional story, and ours is about not only connecting wheelchair users to accessible housing but also supporting our clients in their journey to finding a home, with all the supports they need to thrive. This is why it was important for us to choose a logo that demonstrates a path to housing. We acknowledge that it is never a straight line for people with disabilities to find a home, with many corners to turn. The Right Fit is here to help our clients navigate this journey. The result is a multi-layered logo that demonstrates that path, but also shows a person in a wheelchair, a location pin, the key to a house, and a magnifying glass. We also wanted to emphasise accessibility and this is why the logo has an open side.

Colours were also important to us. Blue and green are colours that convey the concepts of trust, security, independence, and change, which are all important to us and guide everything we do and want for our clients.

We know that logos, being very visual, are perceived differently by different people and create an emotional connection. What do you see in our logo? We would love to hear from you.